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Salesforce and Typeface will integrate! Will this change the platform?

📆 Earlier in June did Salesforce and Typeface announce that they are teaming up and will integrate Typeface into Marketing Cloud

🎨 Typeface shines by offering generative content - be it vibrant images or sleek layouts, all tailored to echo your brand's essence. So, what's the buzz about, and how might it boost your content game?

Typeface Meets Salesforce Typeface is set to intertwine with Salesforce's robust products, finding a harmonious chord with Marketing GPT.

Sparking excitement during the Connections event was Marketing GPT. The promise? Marketers can not only amplify their productivity but also stretch their creative muscles to craft hyper-personalized content – think endless content shades, each striking a chord with its viewer. 🎵

Engaging with GPT feels like a breezy chat. Use plain language prompts and refine until the content feels just right. Sneak a peek at it in action:


Craft your message with a palette of content formats and templates awaiting your touch:


Deep Dive: The Magic Behind Typeface 🎩

  • Harness your brand's unique style, tone, and assets to conjure distinct content.

  • When spinning content, tap into the data reservoirs of Marketing Cloud.

  • The Image Studio, akin to wizards like DALL-E, creates bespoke visuals in your desired style.


With Prompt, start with a gentle nudge and chisel as you go. Blend is your mentor, guiding the AI model to resonate with your audience's nuances.

A crown jewel? Typeface gifts unique AI models to each organization. This translates to AI-spun content tailored for varied personas and groups, all while keeping data worries at bay.

To unlock this synergy, licensing for both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Typeface is essential. Think of it as forging a mighty bridge between two giants. 🌉

Anticipate Marketing GPT's debut in its pilot avatar by October 2023.

Read more in the official blog post by Typeface here

Wrap Up 🎁 The Salesforce and Typeface alliance paints an exhilarating canvas. It's a testament to Salesforce's vision of infusing AI-backed content creation into its offerings. Is this your secret key to ace content personalization? Maybe maybe not, but let the AI-journey begin! 🌟🔑

Last thoughts In the dynamic world of AI, tools and technologies are evolving at a breakneck pace. 🚀 While there are numerous AI solutions available, it's essential to remember that the landscape changes rapidly. Before diving into a new tool, it's wise to weigh the costs, gauge the time needed for integration, and assess the learning curve involved. Stay updated, make informed decisions, and ensure your investments are future-proofed! 💡🔄💼 Typeface is a relatively new product and there are other cheaper solutions (You can argue that some are even better), if you need some guidance please reach out to one of our specialists

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