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Marketing Cloud Winter '24 Release Notes

Salesforce has just launched its upcoming news in the Winter 2024 release notes.

Big improvements will come with Einstein and your content creation will go faster than ever with the subject line and new body copy generator! Picture of the new integration with Typeface

GA4 will also make big improvements on segmentation and analytics.

We love new features and here are some really interesting highlights:

✨🏥📈 Extending industry-specific templates to Finance & Health sectors. 🚀🗂️ Faster file transfers to AWS buckets. 📊📤 Data storage reports are now downloadable for all business units. 🛠️🌀 Full permissions for Automation Studio in Admin role. 📦💌 Enhanced packaging in Marketing Cloud, with Einstein STO & more. 📲💬 WhatsApp activity packaging is now available. 🔍📦 Filter your Package Manager deployments by status. 🔍📊 Upgraded Contact Builder: new columns for enhanced data insights & raised row limit for retention to 500M.

🗑️↩️ Restore deleted data extensions within 30 days from the Recycle Bin. ⏹️🌀 Manage multiple journeys easily; stop up to 10 from the Journey Dashboard. 📋✅ Get smarter with configuration recommendations in Journey Builder; improve your journey even before activation. 👥✉️ Bulk journey entries! Add up to 100 contacts per API request and use varied emails seamlessly.

You can read the hole list in details here Do you want to discuss how you can implement and use these features for your organization with our specialist? Set up a free call today!

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