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Welcome Johan Calì 🥳 New solution architect and partner

Hello everyone,

I'm thrilled to announce that I've recently joined the team a

t SFMC.Essentials, a cutting-edge consulting firm specializing in Salesforce and, more specifically, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and share why I'm so excited about this new journey.

My Unique Blend of Skills and Experience

Quick Learner with a Strong Academic Background

I pride myself on being a quick learner, a trait backed by my extensive academic background. I've studied at six different universities and have accumulated 287 ECTS points. This diverse educational experience has equipped me with a broad range of skills and a unique perspective that I bring to every project.

Business Acumen Meets Technical Expertise

I possess both business knowledge and the technical skills required to set up Salesforce independently. My experience isn't just theoretical; I've been a manager for over 15 consultants in both Marketing and Service Cloud domains. This dual expertise allows me to not only implement solutions but also to lead projects effectively.

A Passion for Teaching and Coaching

Beyond my consulting capabilities, I'm an experienced teacher with documented training in various formats—online, offline, and interactive courses. My coaching tactics have been honed over years of practice, making me adept at transferring knowledge and skills efficiently to team members and clients alike.

People-Centric Approach

Perhaps my strongest advantage is my approach to teamwork and culture. I'm committed to self-improvement and equally committed to elevating my team. I believe in creating a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to a collective vision. A strong working culture isn't just a catchphrase for me; it's a mission.

A Deep Dive into My Salesforce Skills

I've implemented over 25 accounts with varying needs and setups, working extensively with both Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Service Cloud. I've managed a team of 15 consultants, supporting over 150 users across 20 countries, in multiple languages and cultures.

One of my standout skills is the ability to build scalable standardizations based on best practices. This enables quick and efficient rollout of multiple journeys. For example, during my tenure at one of the largest spectacle retailers, we reduced the time to roll out 25 journeys with unique content from months to mere days. This was achieved through the use of package managers and standardized templates.

I've also been involved in innovative projects like building our own generative AI solution for content creation in over 150 languages and dialects. My technical skills extend to dynamic email, SMS, link shorteners, landing pages, WhatsApp integration, synchronization to Service Cloud, surveys, postal messages, advertising studio, and advanced segmentation. I can write advanced SQL and AMPscript, build simple HTML codes, and even develop simple apps, I also have a big network and I can take complex requests and solve small projects to big enterprise solutions.

Let's Connect!

If you're interested in how I can help you optimize your Salesforce implementation, I'd love to chat. Feel free to set up a free appointment with me.

Let's explore how we can make your Salesforce journey a resounding success.

Looking forward to working together!

Best regards,

Johan Calì

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