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Phone number clicks in email not tracked in SFMC... How to track this?!

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

The Challenge:

Within an email we link to a phone number when you click on a phone image. The HTML code looks like this:

<a alias="Call me" href="tel:++3166666666" target="_blank" title="Call me"><img alt="Call me" src="image_url_of_a_phone" style="display: block; max-width: 100%;" width="50"></a>.

The email is doing fantastic! However there are some internal complaints coming in that the number is called too often. SFMC does not allow me to track this out of the box....

As SFMC expert, how do I track the amount of clicks on this number?!

The solution

Q: What if I put a Cloudpage in between to track clicks?

SFMC.Essential: You can. The user experience however is... not great. Imagine receiving an email that tells me to tap/click a button and I will be able to call, immediately.

Cloudpage in between would mean fumbling around as users, huh why does my browser open? Ahhhh my phone is confused. Hmppfs no thanks. BYEEEE

You now have the SFMC.Essentials guidance to be awesome, happy fixing! Need an extra pair of hands to troubleshoot?

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