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Navigating Anti-Virus Systems and Engagement Split in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, email marketers must adapt to the challenges posed by

anti-virus systems that automatically click links within emails. These auto-clicks can impact the accuracy of engagement data and affect the performance of engagement splits in Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). SFMC.Essentials takes you on an exploration journey, how to handle automatic clicks in engagement split elements and ensure your data remains reliable.

The Challenge: Anti-Virus Systems and Email Engagement

When anti-virus systems automatically click all the links inside emails, it can lead to inflated engagement metrics, making it difficult to accurately analyze your campaigns.

Although there are solutions available for handling this on cloud pages, the question arises: Is there a built-in mechanism within SFMC's engagement split to account for these automatic clicks?

The Solution: Handling Automatic Clicks in Engagement Split

While there isn't a built-in mechanism within the engagement split element to exclude automatic clicks by anti-virus systems, you can implement a strategy to minimize their impact on your data.

1. Create a unique tracking parameter: Append a unique tracking parameter to all links in your email. This parameter will help you identify clicks originating from anti-virus systems. For example, you can use a parameter like:


2. Use a decision split before engagement split: Before using an engagement split element in your journey, add a decision split to filter out contacts who clicked on the link with the unique tracking parameter. This will help exclude automatic clicks from your engagement data.

3. Analyze engagement data post-campaign: After your campaign is completed, analyze your engagement data to identify patterns that may indicate automatic clicks by anti-virus systems. Adjust your metrics accordingly to obtain more accurate insights into your campaign's performance.

Best Practices for Minimizing the Impact of Automatic Clicks

Here are some best practices to help you minimize the impact of automatic clicks on your engagement data:

  • Use a consistent naming convention for your tracking parameters, making it easier to identify and analyze the data.

  • Monitor your email campaign performance regularly to identify any unusual spikes in engagement metrics, which may indicate automatic clicks from anti-virus systems.

    • Consider using additional engagement metrics, such as open rates, conversion rates, and revenue, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your campaign's performance.


While there isn't a built-in solution within the engagement split element to handle automatic clicks from anti-virus systems, the strategies and best practices outlined in this SFMC.Essentials post can help you minimize their impact on your data.

By implementing these tactics, you'll be better equipped to make data-driven decisions, optimize your campaigns, and achieve success in your email marketing endeavors. #sfmcessentials

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