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Mastering Date Formatting in SFMC: A Guide for Multilingual Campaigns

Date formatting can be tricky, especially when dealing with multiple languages and locales.

Imagine using a language where the spelling of a month depends on its usage in a sentence. the Czech language is a perfect example of this (edge?) use-case.

For instance, January can be "lednu" or "ledna." With AMPscript outputting only the latter, it becomes crucial to find a workaround for accurate date formatting.

SFMC.Essentials expert Leila dives into explore solutions to manage date formatting issues and create a scalable approach for multilingual campaigns with you.

Solution 1: String Conversion and Replacement

The first solution to control Czech month notations is by converting the date to a string and using the Replace() function.

However, this method has its limitations, as it might not be possible to convert the string back to a date.

Solution 2: Data Extension Lookup for Complex Cases

For campaigns targeting [20] or more locales, creating individual exceptions can be *impractical*.

Instead, consider using a Data Extension Lookup to store all possible month values.

Create separate columns for masculine and feminine notations for each month, and include the locale with the corresponding notation.

Here's how the Data Extension Lookup method works:

  1. Create a data extension with columns for Locale, Month, Masculine Notation, and Feminine Notation.

  2. Populate the data extension with the appropriate values for each locale and month.

  3. Use an IF/ELSE statement in your AMPscript code to look up the correct notation based on the locale and required gender form.

By following this approach, you can streamline your date formatting process and reduce the complexity of handling multilingual date formats in your campaigns.

SFMC.Essentials BONUS:

Click me to open the example snippet IF/ELSE statement ;-)


Multilingual email campaigns require careful attention to details, such as date formatting, to ensure consistent and accurate messaging. By implementing the solutions mentioned above, you can overcome the challenges associated with date formatting in SFMC and deliver impactful, engaging content to your global audience.

Remember, the key to success lies in combining scalable methods with best practices to create a seamless experience for your subscribers #sfmcessentials

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