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6 steps How To troubleshoot custom activities in SFMC

Finding yourself going round and round to troubleshoot a custom activity in SFMC? We've all been there 😅

Follow these 6 steps, to troubleshoot your custom activity

  1. Check the custom activity's code: Make sure that the code for the custom activity is correct and does not contain any syntax errors. You can use a code editor or debugger to check the code for any issues.

  2. Check the input and output parameters: Make sure that the input and output parameters for the custom activity are defined correctly and match the data types of the values being passed in or out.

  3. Check the logs: SFMC logs can provide valuable information about any issues that may be occurring with your custom activity. To access the logs, navigate to the "Apps" tab in the top menu and click the "Logs" link under the "Extensions" section.

  4. Test the custom activity in isolation: If the custom activity is part of a larger workflow, try testing it in isolation to see if the issue is caused by another component of the workflow.

  5. Check for updates: Make sure that you are using the latest version of SFMC and any relevant APIs or libraries. Outdated versions may contain bugs or other issues that could cause problems with your custom activity.

  6. Seek assistance: If you are unable to resolve the issue on your own, consider seeking the assistance of a team of IT professionals or a consultant with experience in troubleshooting custom activities in SFMC.

Congrats, you now have the knowledge to troubleshoot a custom activity! Finding yourself needed some extra pair of brains? Have a troubleshoot session with one of the SFMC.Essentials fixers

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