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4 SFMC.Essentials AmpScript functions to know

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

AmpScript should enable even those without programming and development experience to handle straightforward use cases.

#1 WrapLongURL

This function shortens URLs longer than 975 characters to mitigate broken email hyperlinks in Microsoft Outlook, where lengths of URL hyperlinks are restricted to the following number of characters:

  • Outlook 2007: 975 characters

  • Outlook 2007: 1033 characters

  • Outlook 2007: 2048 characters



var @icon
set @icon = "" /* abbreviated for display purposes */

<img src="%%=WrapLongURL(@icon)=%%" width="50" height="50" alt="icon" />


The value of the src attribute will be shortened to a URL which redirects to the original URL.

#2 Propercase

This AmpScript function capitalizes the first letter in the specified string and any other letters in the string that follow any character other than a letter. It converts all other letters into lowercase.



var @fullName, @fullNameProperCase

set @fullName = AttributeValue("fullName") /* value from attribute or DE column in send context */
set @fullName = "SFMC ESSENTIALS" /* or a literal value */

set @fullNameProperCase = ProperCase(@fullName)

fullName: %%=v(@fullName)=%%
<br>fullNameProperCase: %%=v(@fullNameProperCase)=%%


fullNameProperCase: Sfmc Essentials

#3 Random

Finding yourself needing to display a random number? We see you, creative marketer! This function returns a random number between two numbers. Both upper and lower bound parameters are inclusive.



var @random, @num1, @num2

set @num1 = 1
set @num2 = 100

set @random  = random(@num1, @num2)

Lower bound: %%=v(@num1)=%%
<br>Upper bound: %%=v(@num2)=%%
<br>Random: %%=v(@random)=%%


Lower bound: 1
Upper bound: 100
Random: 42

#4 Concat

This function concatenates one or more strings.



var @firstName
var @lastName
var @fullName

set @firstName = AttributeValue("firstName") /* value from attribute or DE column in send context */
set @firstName = "Suzy" /* or a literal value */

set @lastName = AttributeValue("lastName") /* value from attribute or DE column in send context */
set @lastName = "Jackson" /* or a literal value */

set @fullName  = Concat(@firstName, " ", @lastName)

firstName: %%=v(@firstName)=%%
<br>lastName: %%=v(@lastName)=%%
<br>fullName: %%=v(@fullName)=%%


firstName: Suzy
lastName: Jackson
fullName: Suzy Jackson

You now have the SFMC.Essentials guidance to be awesome, happy fixing! Need an extra pair of hands to troubleshoot?

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